My name is Craig Messner, and I am a PhD student in the Department of English at UCLA. My primary interests include 19th Century American literature, humanities and computing, stylistics, and new media.

While these seemingly disparate interests have come together in many ways during my graduate career, one of the biggest crossings has been my work with video games that incorporate tropes from 19th century sources.

I have enjoyed programming some of these myself -- my game adaptation of Poe's "William Wilson" can be found above. I am also currently working on two games that incorporate another interest of mine -- obscure and forgotten formal systems. These two games, one following the legends surrounding Descartes' daughter Francine and her wooden doppelganger and the other focusing on the Ramist disputations of the Puritans, will be available here soon. Otherwise, I hope that this site will serve as a repository for some of my research and now as a platform for a blog.